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Apologies to those I'm spamming, as this is a cross post from my journal.

I'm very pleased to announce that Awakening: Chapter Twelve is now posted. A big thank you to the moderators. You can find the chapter here

I also turned out a follow on to Best Served Cold for my Journaleers homework this week. It can be found here. The journal is friends only, so please let me know if you're interested in reading it.


Mar. 8th, 2007 11:02 am
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Morning, my dear ducklings, piranhas and everybody else!

Becca here and reporting for duty. Figured it was about time I got around to posting here, before I got told off - again *sigh*

For those who wish to know, I've updated on Elfy again. For your reading pleasure there are now three more chapters of Still Waters available. I promise that Cíar and the Púka both appear, though not in all their kelpie glory - yet. For fans of Anwen, she proves herself to be mildly better than stupid. For non-fans of Anwen, she proves herself to be mildly less than intelligent. Everyone's happy!

Oh, and there's a new Aekhartain tale too, just a little *coughthree-partercough* by the name of Livewire, which introduces Laivén. Yes, an Aekh you haven't met, who isn't from that new world of theirs, and it isn't set in that city. He appeared briefly as Livewire during one of Birni's past-life dreams in Nine Times, but it's not important.

All right? Time to play drabbles again, me thinks *salutes*


Jun. 30th, 2006 11:24 am
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I am still taking drabble requests, although I might take a while longer to actually do them, due to wanting to get longer work done as well. ^-~

Drabbles )


Jun. 28th, 2006 05:17 pm
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Geez, if I'd known these things were this much fun, I'd have joined in sooner!! Well, maybe that wouldn't have been such a good idea ... exams would have suffered...

Drabbles )
Anyone else want one (or more) please request, although I beg of you not to ask for characters outside of their story-worlds. I don't think my writing standards could hold up to that, especially after the break.
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Yep, I've finally remembered to update here. :P

First, then, my Elfy ticket's gone through, but most people will have seen at least half of it already, I think.

'Soulfire Summoning: Last Words' is up, and oh, my golly goshkins, what a mangling the evil forces of MSWord and the Elfwood tag-cuts have conspired to make of it. *throws letters/fonts/pagination marks in the air at random* I need to look for a decent HTML editor.

The ending for 'Of Heredity and Soup' is up.

And to collect together all the faebabble, just so I know where to find everything for a change:

The Recognising the Faeborn pamphlet is here.

The Iron Hold is here and here.

Ascalain's Researcher is here.

Officer Leddon's abrasive words of fae wisdom are here.

And An Overview of the Five Ages of Fae is here in the mangled remains of what that idiot Fictionpress editor has made of my html, and after three abortive tries to fix it I ain't bothering any more. This one is purely for the severely curious, I warn you, because it's very heavy on the 'X did Y and then went to Q, where T had been waiting'.

Ah, that feels better. *pretends to be organised*


Mar. 14th, 2006 09:57 am
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Story time again ^_^

Finally the Elfy queue has come back to life and my updates have gone through - for those that want 'em.

That'll be Jealousy's Shadow ~ Demero/Démairo's childhood tale, and My Favourite Things ~ which proves that I am in fact a very disturbed child.

No rush, just figured someone might tell me off if I didn't tell you ^_^

Happy Tuesday!
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Realize I have not updated this in a bit so I have one story I failed to note was up and two new stories that just went through this morning.

For Jenna's Celtic challange

The Twisted Key

Dragon's Seventh

DS Chapters 10 and 11 *Cackles at Ladylight* so you thought you were caught up on this tale *grin*

Then also there is the stroy I got help from Becca on that I posted as a thank you to Joelle

The Ynticare

Just so you all know what is out there if you have time to waste.

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Right, everyone's -very- kindly read it already, but I might just get back into the talechasing habit ... ;)

Year's End is the new 'Soulfire' short in my LJ.

Yup. That's all. I'm going now.
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The tenth chapter of Awakening is finally up on my Elfy page. Sorry to all those of you who spent so long waiting for it.
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I think most of you have seen most of these but just to round up my scribblings of the last few weeks (two Elfy tickets! Two! What is the world coming to?)

Such A Sleep - the Arthurian thingy. The last moments of Cei, Gwalchami, Lancelot and Bedwyr.
Wallflower and Juniper 1 - NIMBUS! There is more here than was previously up on LJ but it's not finished yet.
Halcyon - Brandi's birthday poem, finally up on Elfy.


Chapters 10 and 11 of Wind's Road. All the chapters are now tagged and if you scroll down my Recent Entries page to the links box there's a nice link which will bring up all the tagged pages. I've done the same for all the Atlantean ibbits on LJ.

Chimaera 2

It's Nuan!

Nov. 19th, 2005 02:07 am
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Well, I had a crack at writing just a short little scene like Jenna's out of sheer frustration, and Nuan popped up. That was a nice surprise.

This is either about unappreciated brotherly altruism or fish on a stick. You may decide.
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As my ability to finish anything seems to have vanished I just challenged myself to write against the clock. The result is Chimaera, a scene set in Atlantis, quite possibly the first in a sequence.

Tiger and Ocelot are working undercover, investigating a series of murders. In a party at the British embassy Ocelot discovers their first lead...

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Yes, I have finally finished another chapter of The Wind's Road.

*keels over from shock*

It's here. This is the first chapter I've put up under the new filter so if you're expecting to see it and you can't please let me know. I think I've added everyone who asked.
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Not new. Just thought that this should go in here too...

Morczio )
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I've had a little update to my Wyvern's page (the first since June). The only completely new thing is Pimpernel which is a little snippet from the Light a Match... period, introducing one of the League team of that era.

I've also put up Ardent and The Darkening Stars which have previously appeared on my LiveJournal and reformatted Sparrow to fix the awful width.

A note!

Sep. 28th, 2005 02:41 pm
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This is mainly for Alyssa because the rest of you are probably aware of it already, but I'm not having you complain, thank-you =P

My writing journal - [livejournal.com profile] aislinena - is running, so that's where all my LJ writing is gonna be from now on.

*pats Tale Chasing* There, just so I can't get accused of forgetting you. For the rest of you that just got spammed again, sorry.
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Finished this one a few days ago and promptly forgot to mention it here. I rule!

Anyway, this is a story I wrote as a going away pressie to my friends list for when I buggered off to Pommyland for four months, but as I say, I only just finished it... two months after I arrived in said Pommyland. Still, it's done, so I'm happy, theflist is happy, everyone's happy, yay!

Will probably make very little sense to anyone who doesn't know about Raykin and the King's Own already, so~ yeah. If you go to my Elfwood space and read a little bit there before this one, you'll have a better shot.

For ayone who already has, this is the story of one of the missions with the King's Own, specifically the most recent one, and Nimay's first as General. Good on 'er =3

Introduction by Yen (Prince) Nolryn
Mission Brief by Kul (General) Nimay
Week 1 by Gylepi
Week 2 by Emon
Week 3 by Ulkar
Week 4 by Inel
Week 5 by Melraan
Week 6 by Yoryl
Week 7 by Murali
Week 8 by Rumal
Week 9 by Anganur
Week 10 by Haenel
Week 11 by Kaen
Week 12 by Kurae
Week 13 by Garuk
Week 14 by Yen Nolryn
Week 15 by Kul Nimay
Week 16 by Gylepi
Week 17 by Emon
Week 18 by Ulkar
Week 19 by Inel
Week 20 by Melraan
Final Report by Kul Nimay


Sep. 7th, 2005 01:32 pm
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Just because I'm curious and it's time for someone else to send out the spam - plus Beth told me to ;)

So a couple of stories which I wrote for Becky's birthday.
Sleeping Duty ~ A strange little tale with my take on Sleeping Beauty.

Wishful Thinking ~ Little Aekhartain story with Deáim and Pip from Granted.

Both are short (I know! I couldn't believe it either!) and that's all I can say in their defence. *pats Talechasing* Now, let's make sure I post this to the right place ;)
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Testing ... testing ...

Lorannon carps on. (You don't have to read this; there's not much of it and it doesn't go anywhere. I am just procrastinating experimenting.)


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