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I wanted to know what some of you think about co-authoring.

So what do you do when you want to write with other people (or their characters)? Do you change your story so it doesn't include theirs? Or change the names of the characters? Or do you turn your back on the story until someone else is willing to go along with it again?

What are your experiences co-authoring? How many authors is too many? What tips do you have for finding compromises? Aaaaand I've run out of questions for the moment, so if you can come up with anything else, feel free.
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In the interest of organizing/reorganizing my writing on here, I created a writing journal for all of my stuff: [profile] enantia . At the moment, I've sent out invitations to join to all those people who were on my writing filter, which includes the members of [community profile] talechasing I added preciously and the others who asked. So, if you've been able to read my chapters and stuff, you're invited to the community.

There's nothing up just yet. I'll be going through my entries and attempting to transfer the ones to do with writing there. I'll probably go head and put my Divinity chapters up there as well, even if they are due for a rewrite. This community will probably get used about as often as my writing filter, so I don't think it should clog up your friends page too much.


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