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For those of you who missed my posting in the story chatter thread, I have taken over as the story runner! 

I'm going to post the next part of our tale this evening (Canadian this evening). If no one is opposed, I'm going to start a new post for it before it gets buried away from our collective conscious. 

See you in Zhava soon! 
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Away from the noise of the bunkrooms, Calla and Raptia discuss business. Set after the interviews, but before the events of the High Dock. 

Finding an empty office in the Arenet installation wasn't a challenge. Finding one that was unlocked, now, that proved more difficult. Calla tested all the doors in a hallway, saw not a living soul and encountered not one unlocked door. Ducking down the next hallway, she finally found a door that could not technically be called locked. The handle was half broken, and Calla helped it along with the butt of her pistol. The door swung in slowly, revealing a room full of haphazardly stacked boxes. Calla shrugged and pulled the door shut. She'd done business in rooms more ignominious than this.

Walking quickly back to the bunkrooms, Calla exchanged her pistol for her DMC 894. No one seemed to notice. Then again, Calla could have pulled a small elephant out of her case, for all the attention anyone ever seemed to pay her. Calla knew Raptia would take notice, and that was all that mattered. She left the room, knowing that the bard would follow. 

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Sathair Ihnen Maas
What Came Before )

Who, Then, Are You? )

The Numbers Do Not Make The Man )

In Your Weaknesses, Find Strength. Thou Art Mortal, Thus Frail. )

[Edit One on 7/3 for initial tweaking]
[Edit Two on 7/22 to get this thing fixed and get PLAYING]


Apr. 18th, 2007 10:17 am
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Well ladies, we may not have written anything set in the weird and wonderful land of Talechasiana as yet, but we already have our first piece of fanart, as drawn by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] creatore_magico =D Go us XD
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Since it seems as good as set in stone that we'll be having star people on the frankly magnicifent planet/moons of Talechasiana, I felt like drawing one of them =D )
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Well, there are already enough responses here to suggest that making up a new world setting for everyone to periodically write/play in would be feasible/fun. My word. XD Feel free to continue the discussions going on there ...

*waves broadly at comment-space* And in the meantime ... go nuts, my pretties! Let us brainstorm for fun and profit*! No idea is too bizarre. Post a little comment down below about anything you think would be nifty in a brave new world - be it certain kinds of magic, geological features, character ideas, creatures/races, events in history ... whatever. We can all have a good, long blather together about it. XD

Just make sure you put something in the subject line when you introduce a new Cool Idea, in case we get attacked by telescoping comments again.


Subject - Giant Octopi!

Comment - I think we need giant octopi in the new world of Talechasiana! They can break ships in half and destabilise herbal shelves and all that cool stuff. What do you reckon?

Naturally people are allowed to agree or disagree with you, and hey, we're all adult enough to give/receive the feedback in the proper spirit. (Weeell, by adult I don't necessarily mean 'mature', but you know. *demonstrative immature squealing*)

I reckon we should leave this up for a longish while and see what we get, and then take things to the polls! to watch the triumph of mob rule.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines (do we want engines? O_o) ... now!

EDIT: By the way, if your reply to a topic introduces a whole new idea, it might be a good idea to slightly modify the subject line when you reply (I don't remember who did this first, but hey, I'm stealing your idea and you CAN'T STOP ME!) ...

Subject - Giant Octopi: Should They Be Cuttlefish Instead?

Comment - Cuttlefish are believed by scientists to be one of the most intelligent marine animals on the planet, and they camouflage themselves, too! Surely this would help them rip ships in half and destabilise herbal shelves far more effectively.

* not financial profit
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('Oh, crap, wasn't it nice to have those lovely two months of peace and quiet?' you cry.)

Sorry, you lot. But I've been late-night thinking again. Blame the fact that I glanced at the challenge list and noticed that there are over 40 entries there, and started to wonder when Talechasing's 1-year anniversary would arrive. (Answer: May 18, incidentally.)

My musings led me back to this post and all the multitudinous comments therein. And I noticed that in some of the comments, there was speculation about olden-day-custard-style silliness (new Talechasers: one day soon we must tell you of your ancestors and the Great Custard Flood) and co-writing.

And now I am thoughtful.

I think the weekly challenges have been a fiery-pants success (and long live the drabble! XD). There's been so much to read and write lately - and of reasonable length on both counts - that it's hard for me to remember my past bouts of scribbly ennui. But it's still a fairly individual exercise. We don't get together and act up much.

Here then are my thoughts. Would many of us would be interested in some kind of collaboration and/or collective silliness on [livejournal.com profile] theirvoices? I don't think anything too time-consuming or demanding would be a good idea, given the tyrannies of RL and assorted muses, but something low-key and fun to do together in free time might be nice for those interested, no?

Feel free to add to my brainstormings:

  • we could all create a world together (polls! polls! XD) and write short stories set within it
  • we could create a world together and play a sort of 'play by post' game within it (character roleplays)
  • we could devise a setting that accommodates some/all of our existing worlds and characters and write short stories set within it
  • we could devise the aforementioned setting and play the play-by-post game
  • we could do world-swaps and write little shorts in a fellow Talechaser's setting

Come, my pretties, tell me your thoughts ...


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