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Quick heads up, folks, though I don't think any of us are likely to be caught up in this.

PSA: Journal deletions )

Right, back to creating mayhem now.
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Here is a nifty little page to convert bytes and kilobytes.

Useful if you're like me and you can't convert n bytes into n kilobytes without help. (If you'd rather count digits, stories can be 102400 bytes when stripped, so that's six No more than five. ^-~) Useful for other purposes perhaps (LJ has a limit too, but I've no clue what it is. Character-based, maybe.)

Now if only I remember that figure...

Hope this proves useful to someone besides me! ^-^

Also, in case it's been missed by anyone -- Elfwood has a brandnew copyright feature to update your stories (and art) with.
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Yes, my children, the time had come. We have toiled and suffered, through great debate and deep sorrow, to reach this blessed day. Arise, brothers and sisters, we are no longer disenfranchised. For. below the cut, there are ticky boxes....

Community Guidelines - please vote )

Poll closed The voting will stay open until Noon (GMT) on the 16th November, or until a majority of members have voted, whichever is the greater length of time.

Please vote, comment, suggest amendments, etc.
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Hello! 'nother important post here! Please read!

Firstly, I refer you back to the discussion post here and urge you all to at least say 'Do as you wish, because I don't care', or 'guidelines suck!' or the like. (So far, the guidelines proposed would be a friendly reminder that lj-cutting large bodies of text is a very nice thing to do, as is having a place to note down friending policies. And guidelines for round-ups and tags are considered a good thing to have, but no further discussion has occurred there yet. More about the latter two in this post.)

Secondly, this is a question I've raised before without (much of a) response. I'm hoping this time will be different. We can most certainly have more than 100 tags, which should be more than plenty. (Actually, I thin I may have misremembered the limit, and it's a limit on character length instead.) For this, I apologise.

Nevertheless, the tags on this community are just that community tags. All of us can add, edit and remove tags, which increases the risk for ending up with a whole list of tags that's unusable as a whole, because people treat it as their own private tags list.

It isn't.

I'm not saying 'Stop adding tags!', just to have a care with them when you do. Make sure there isn't a similar tag or a better one already in place. And please, if it isn't too much trouble, drop me a line somewhere so I can update the definition tags list so we can keep the tags list an efficient tool to find what we want.

Or, hey, why not plaster the tag definitions onto the userinfo which those who partook in the discussion on guidelines so far are in favour of. Then everyone can a) easily find the definitions, b) add in any additions/changes without prodding me. (I don't mind being prodded, but it'd be useful if I went AWOL and someone decides to turn the list upside-down and doesn't make a new definition post. ^-~)

That's pretty much my suggestion as far as tags usage is concerned. 'Make sure your tag doesn't exist in a different form, make sure it is usable for everyone in a community sense (e.g. 'drabble' is a general usage tag, 'assp'1 is not), and let people know of its existence and intended use.

Thirdly, for round-ups, the general guidelines seem to be '[livejournal.com profile] rosiphelee takes care of them around Wednesday/Thursday unless real life gets in the way and people can take over as needed. The sidebar holds a link to an easy to copy/paste round-up template for people to use, and add the appropriate things on the community f-list in the appropriate categories with a short explanation in most cases.'

Everyone all right with that or does it bear altering?

1) assp: Short for 'A Song So Pure', a storyverse I'm working on. As such, it's a tag no one but me would have any use for, unless people decided to ask me a question about that through this community, which is unlikely.

ETA: I'm responding to about half the comment up here, because it means I have to say this only once instead of half a dozen times. I'll probably note that in comments. I do not want strict guidelines on tags. Nor do I want a gazillion of them (if I wanted a gazillion of tags I wouldn't bring this up :p). What I do want is near enough the same as what most people seem to want, although apparently this was not as obvious to everyone else as to me, for which I apologise. (Welcome to the chaos that is my mind in its most orderly fashion, by the way. ^-~)

Personally, I think the tags we have now are fine. In the months that we've had them, we've only added two (minus username tags which hardly count) and edited, well, two to make them more generally applicable. The same two. (I remain firm that the discussion 'plural-singular' should take place to see which is more intuitive to use and stick with that, but that's a different matter and more ostinacy than any practical use, I suppose.)

Imagine for a moment what would happen if we used the following tags for the same thing: nano, nanowrimo, nanowrimo*year*, nano*year*, national novel writing month, nanonovel, etc. Gets a bit impractical (and long), no?

Really the only guidelines I proposed (or meant to propose at any rate are): 'make sure there is no acceptable alternative readily available' and 'when tags are added, make sure everyone's clear on their usage'. That's it. Fini. All there is. We're all intelligent people (regardless of certain members' inability to phrase things properly, I should hope, or I fear I must question my presence at any form of higher education. ^-~). We shouldn't need a reminder that the tags list we use is not for everyone's personal use, but for a collective use.

There is no point in creating a tag called 'writing', because being a community of writers that's only a natural topic of discussion, to name a redundant example. There is no point in tagging all posts with a specific explanatory tag, as Alyssa noted. I concur with that. Actually, I hope it is now clear(er) that I concur with a lot of the points said and am just terrible at explaining myself in a proper, intelligible fashion. ^-^

That help clear up my view any? Oh, and lastly, apologies for not using an lj-cut on this post like I probably should have at least this time around, but given the topic and that it concerns all of us, I thought it permissable. Besides, there's been a while to allow friends posts to pile up, so hopefully it won't eat up too much space. ^-~
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*waves* Read this, it's important!

I've been thinking about this for a while and finally have some time to put my thoughts on paper. I want to make it clear from here that I want to know what people think about this, even if what you think is rules suck! Stop picking on me! The lovely thing about [livejournal.com profile] talechasing is that it is a community and we all get equal input on what to do with it.

That said, there's now seventeen of us acting as maintainers (and there will hopefully be more to come). I can't help but think that we should lay down a few guidelines, whether they concern keeping the place tidy or just ways not to step on one another's toes.

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Cut for your F-list convenience, but please do take the time to read this.

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I was going to post this in my own journal for my own purposes. Then I realised that other people do exist in the world, and they might want to use it too ;)

This is a list of the mad drabbling going on here - no alphabetical or schematic order, just a straight top-to-bottom copying. So if you're looking for something to drabble about and can't deal with those collapsing commenty thingies *twitch*, just skim down.

Oh, and if you can be bothered, feel free to add more to this list as you make them up**. I'll try to check through the drabbles and update this periodically myself, but we all know how often THAT will be :P

(** ie. pop a comment down below and I'll add it to this list)
Thanks, Shanra! ;)

EDIT: Lo, we have cracked the 100-drabble mark! 10,000 words of dribbling! I mean, drabbling!
Rather fittingly cracked by [livejournal.com profile] rosiphelee, too ;D

EDIT THE SECOND: 150 drabbles fall to the drabble-sword of [livejournal.com profile] rosiphelee ...

By the way, if I seem to be answering every single one of your comments with banal one-liners, it's just to tag to myself that I've added your drabble to the list (telescoping comments strike again! aieee!)

The Drabble Prompt List )
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I'm sure you've all used the tags at some point or another, and since it's easier to catalogue things than using the memories tool, I went ahead and tagged all the entries I could find (mostly with [livejournal.com profile] rosiphelee's tags, mind).

There's a list of all the tags currently in use here. I took the liberty of adding it as a link for easier reference. So I hope that's all all right.

Anyway, thoughts, opinions, ideas, changes would be lovely. ^-~

Below's a little breakdown of tags and the way I used them as well, so there's no need to guess or assume or such like.

Tag List )

I don't think I missed any posts, but all maintainers can add/edit tags anyway. They just help with overall organisation, so if/when we're all in agreement on how to use them, please do. ^-~
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I just wanted to remind everyone that your Challenge entries need to be finished on or by 1st February. If they're going up on Elfwood, please aim to get them in the queue by the end of the day. If they're going up elsewhere, please post them by then.

I would appreciate it very much if you could post a link in a comment to this entry once your piece is up. I want to compile a masterlist ^_^

As I've had a few questions, a few other points: If you want to know anything else, ask, please.

1. You don't have to use the name of your tree in the title but please include it in the intro somewhere.

2. [livejournal.com profile] saiena suggested we all use the same intro text as a unifying thing. If you want to use the intro I wrote back in November, it reads like this:

Come, traveller, step softly on the road. The green hills rise around you, grey in the gathering twilight. Can you hear the music in the mist, the fiddles and the flute? Tarry not on the highway. Turn your eyes away from those pale dancers by the water's edge, with their green silk ribbons. For if they catch you in their coils, 'twill be a year and day before you come home again. And only then if you pay their price...

...for your freedom, a tale....

You're not obliged to use it if you don't want to but it would be funky. :) If you want to link back to the challenge the original post is at http://www.livejournal.com/community/talechasing/3039.html

3. If you've already finished (Bastards) go ahead and put it in the queue. There's no need to flood the Mods with everything at once.

4. If you've finished and think you can write one of the unclaimed trees in time, let me know. It's your sanity, not mine :)

Happy Friday ^_^

A note!

Sep. 28th, 2005 02:41 pm
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This is mainly for Alyssa because the rest of you are probably aware of it already, but I'm not having you complain, thank-you =P

My writing journal - [livejournal.com profile] aislinena - is running, so that's where all my LJ writing is gonna be from now on.

*pats Tale Chasing* There, just so I can't get accused of forgetting you. For the rest of you that just got spammed again, sorry.
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Okay. Um. Still getting the hang of the whole setup deal. I've worked out how to do the members thing (I think) - just tell me if you want in and I'll sign you up. Almost certainly. Am I filling you with confidence yet? ^o^

For anyone who's a bit worried about how easy/hard it is to post here, don't worry. Once you're signed up as a member, all you do is write a post the way you normally would, but instead of clicking 'Update Journal' once you've finished, first lookit the drop-down box immediately to the left of the update button. It's called 'Post To:'. Just click and change that to 'talechasing', then click 'Update Journal' as usual. Yay! I think.

I chose a theme and colours at random, so people may need to help me with that. Yeah. ;)


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