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Here are lots of nice tutorials - some about horses, some about birds, some about people. Yes, they're aimed at artists, but there's enough detail there to prove useful for writers too, particularly for the description of the appearance of different races.
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Seeing how things are going and how lots of people are getting pissed off with LJ/SUP/6a...

1. Are you annoyed with the way things seem to be going with LJ?

2. If so, why do you stick around?

3. Would you would permenantly/near permenantly relocate to Insane Journal if the majority of your elfwood/talechasing friends moved with you and you were told how to move all the content of your LJ to IJ?

4. Would you prefer to move somewhere else?

5. Would it make a difference if the whole content of [livejournal.com profile] talechasing moved with you?

Please answer all the questions in your posts. ^_^
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Had this idea... )

Anyone up for it?

EDIT: to clarify, the example given at the top is misleading - you would be allowed to read what people had written before. ^_^
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Inspired by a challenge by radio presenter Genevieve Tudor on Radio Shropshire on her Sunday Folk program...
Christmas Challenge )
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There is a most amazing little search thingummer HERE. Basically, you type in the symptoms you want/need and it'll give you the illness/condition. ^_^ There's also an A-Z list of conditions by symptom and an illustrated guide for male or female, as well as the symptoms of a few common illnesses. Tis GREAT.
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Here is a link to a site which tells you how to work out the climates of your world from the map you've drawn from it. Not sure that I have enough time/effort/map to do do that yet, but still. Fun!
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Just a random thing that was (bizzarly) linked to on my uni's homepage today. Thought someone might find it useful. 

Here is basically a searchable database-thingy of mid-Victorian illustrations (I think, mainly woodcuts).

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...since I've been doing more homework procrastination link-wandering, here is what appears to be a rather handy guide to the fashions of the Regency Period.
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Got linked this wonderful page on my Garrison forum, but thought you guys might find it useful too. Basically, a pretty comprehensive webpage by an archaeologist/reenactor/medieval english speaker who is interested in historical perfumery, cosmetics, textiles etc.

There's some bits on felting and knitting, Roman beauty technicques and hairstyles. She's copying up a book about beauty that was published in the 1890s (very interesting, even as a casual read ... well ... at least to me :P). 

And then there's some links to herbalist webpages. Lots of very useful stuff with regards to beauty and textiles in all periods of history, even if you're not a reenactor. ^_^

EDIT:: and that page links here but it's a little tricksy to find, so I thought I'd give you a seperate link. Basically, tis costume history for ALL periods of history. Right through from Babylonian to the 2000s. (Much better than anything I could tell you, most like, Becca.)
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Well. Was in a writsy mood. So, went back and looked at those drabbles and chain drabbles and conversation drabble and all sorts of things... and I do still owe people ones.


I did the last of my challenged question-drabbles. (From [livejournal.com profile] ladylight: Longsight, how do you describe your home?)

An I'll post that in a moment.

And I have three conversation drabbles left:

For [livejournal.com profile] ladylight: Joltir and Kazie ~ gender equality

For [livejournal.com profile] shanra: Jackle and Jenni ~ cheese

For [livejournal.com profile] spiderlick: Th'rey'ah and Sunlight ~ surviving

Well ... shall TRY to write those (no promises, 'Lyssa). So, I call unto you. Open your closets! Dig through the dust! Hunt out those old drabbles! (Please?)

((Cross-posted from my LJ, so apologies for the f-list spammage.))


Jun. 28th, 2006 05:17 pm
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Geez, if I'd known these things were this much fun, I'd have joined in sooner!! Well, maybe that wouldn't have been such a good idea ... exams would have suffered...

Drabbles )
Anyone else want one (or more) please request, although I beg of you not to ask for characters outside of their story-worlds. I don't think my writing standards could hold up to that, especially after the break.
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Not new. Just thought that this should go in here too...

Morczio )


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