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Anyone participating in NaNoWriMo this year?

I am not planning to sign up, BUT I am going to set a private goal of 10 000 words on my ongoing fantasy-novel; a goal I think will take a lot of work for me to achive, though I believe I will be able to reach it in time. For the moment I have written 37 000 words this year, so it will be a great challenge for me to come up with 10 000 more in just 30 days. A fun challenge though, which is what NaNoWriMo is all about, right? =)

So how about you guys?

It's been really quiet here of late, one can just wish it's because of writing-time eating all your online-time, and not real life eating up ALL your writing-time. For my part, Real Life is hungry! But so is Writing.

Merry Monday!
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I am so, so sorry this is late!

But NaNo has ended and, from what I can tell, people's word counts are all in the green and we've reached our intended targets and gone beyond them. So!

I wanted to say to everyone,

Congratulations for surviving November!
Congratulations for the wordcount!

November may not always have been easy, and it may not always have been fun, but it has, for all of us, definitely been rewarding. And we've survived into December, which Nano technically reserves for editing. But I say we go for celebration instead!

The question is, how should we celebrate? Discuss!
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I know it's a little early, but I thought the song was fitting. For the end of the day, but never mind that!

[livejournal.com profile] silvanime has recently made her 10K target too. [livejournal.com profile] annarti has lost track of her word count, but it's bound to be around the 20K, so that's a substantial amount of words as well!

Me? I'm slowly struggling through the scene rewrite I started. I never expected it to be a breeze, but I didn't expect that I'd be struggling to put together a sentence either! I'm confident that I'll reach my target too.

And in two more days we'll be in Decembet and the NaNoWriMo maddness is behind us. To those of us still trying to reach our target, good luck! To those of you who made it, congratulations! To everyone still working to get as many words out of November as we can, good luck!

We can survive these last two days, my dears! And then we'll sit back and celebrate all the work we did and didn't believe ourselves capable of on the first of November!
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I've been hearing good things about our wordcounts everywhere. Many congratulations first off to [livejournal.com profile] tasllyn for reaching the end point of her story after several years of complete uncooperation!

I'm still meandering together various bits and pieces myself. I've finally, finally got a vaguely cooperative Telyn! Granted, I'm only around 300 words into my rewrite of chapter 25, but it's a cooperating Telyn all the same. I've heard from others that week 2 is Hell Week, so how has week 3 treated you?

It's actually treated me abysmally with all my characters running off hither and thither, but I've managed to stay on target even so! [livejournal.com profile] rosiphelee is making steady progress, [livejournal.com profile] nihiriki has said she found it not difficult to give up on the 50,000, but will continue with the spirit of Nano! (Which we've established long ago is a much saner goal.)

Go for it, everyone! We're almost in our last week and our respective goals all seem to look more than manageable from what I've seen! We can do this!

I'm darned proud of the amount of writing I've accomplished this month and of the amount of writing I've seen everyone else accomplish! For everyone it's been more than they have written in a month in a long, long time (if at all, actually, not too sure on how everyone holds up with that) and that in and of itself deserves a great round of applause.


But the ending is not yet there. It's the last stretch of the month. The last few days. Just a little longer and we'll be through November! Who's up for planning an online party?
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Hello again! I thought about leaving this until tomorrow when we hit the two-week mark, but the fifteenth puts us literally halfway through the month, so instead you're stuck with my rambling today. (Flee!)

I should share this in week 3, I think, which is what it was written for, but too bad! I'm sharing it now Gaiman's pep talk last year.

So what are your stats like this year? I hope they're good! And I hope you're damn proud of yourself for what you have written!

Me? I'm currently on 4700 words or so. I scaled my total down from 50K to 10K, because I know I'll only get stressed over the former, and that's not the point of NaNo. Not to me, and from the reactions I've seen, not to anyone of you. So I'm comfortably on target, provided my characters don't desert me again. (I had to ask people for a prompt to get to that 4700 because my kelpie has wandered off. Ever tried writing a story without its narrator? Go on, admit that you have.)

I feel much more energetic about NaNo now knowing I've a goal to strive for that, in my current circumstances, doesn't feel like climbing Everest with my bare hands. (Knowing I'm bang on target helps too.)

I have posted a few snippets of my exploits on my journal for all to read. You may have noticed that I'm not sticking to one story if you've been checking there. And I've seen others do the same. I haven't got around to read it all yet I don't think, but what I have read looked mighty tasty!

So how is your word count coming along? Which scenes did you enjoy the most?

I've definitely enjoyed having my characters enter a random pillow fight and watch how easily Eoin seems to slot in with them, despite his own discomfort, poor lad. It ain't easy moving to a big city. I've tried a prompt (thankfully not as mad as one of [livejournal.com profile] saiena's Shaiel's challenges. Aaaaaaaah!). I've written about the tooth fairy. (I feel obliged to note that I don't think the idea of the tooth fairy is very well-spread in this country.)

I'm proud of what I've done so far. And I'm happy with what I've done so far. And I'm damned proud of all of you who are participating in the writing frenzy! Can we do it? Yes, we can!

We will! We will make ourselves proud of our writing this month and we'll make ourselves proud of what we can do when we're motivated!

So go forth and write some more! Even if you only manage three words today, that's still three words of writing in your day! Every little instance counts!

I'm going to poke Eoin in a moment and if he doesn't cooperate I'll see if Telyn's ready to talk yet. (And if that fails, poetry which I promised ages since!) So tell me what are your plans for the weekend? For the third week?

Hope you're all still enjoying yourself this NaNo around!


Oct. 15th, 2008 01:35 am
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It's October 15th, and time to ask that question that's been nagging at me...

So, is anyone participating in NaNoWriMo this year?

I believe I've actually signed up for it. 0_o I don't know yet if I'll be following their guidelines to the letter, but it'd be nice to know if anyone else is also doing it, or has done it, etc.

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] tasllyn suggested we leave our NaNo names so we can keep track of each other's progress and motivate one another, so go ahead and do that if you want!


Nov. 30th, 2006 12:48 am
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You all thought I was insane~ and I probably still am, but HAH!

I give you Bouquet in its entirity =D A story of intrigue~ and assassins! And mystery~ and several wft moments, cos they're fun =D But mostly assassins. Every story should have an assassin in it somewhere.


I'm going to go pour myself a glass of Bailey's. I feel I deserve one X3
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I can feel my soul being eaten already. Shoot me now, before it's too late!

*ahem* Yes. Chapter one of my NaNo =D No assumed knowledge at all, so assuming you have the time this month, feel free to read without the added pressure of having to know people and stuff beforehand =D

Let's see if I can finish it this time >O
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I've caved in. I'm going to do NaNo this year, and I'm going to finish it this time >O

Anyone curious will be able to read it at [livejournal.com profile] yrae, my writing journal. I'll be writing it so that you don't require any prior knowledge about the place to understand what's going on, so the completely uninitiated can feel free to read it as well =D


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