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An alphabetical list of the topics of the week.

I'll try to update this every week, whenever a new topic is issued, but if I forget, or if you're not happy with the way the list looks, feel free to edit it (and the tags too, if I didn't use the right ones). I don't mind.

Last update: 04 May 08

The weekly discussion topics )

Yep, it's a tiny list...for now.
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Bring out your ideas!

This is a post for people to suggest any ideas for things they'd like to see in the community and for any questions related to new ideas. Want to start a drabble challenge but you're not sure how? Want to suggest some words for the weekly challenges? Think you've got a brilliant idea for a bigger challenge?

I want to emphasise that everyone is always welcome to just go ahead and try something. Don't feel obliged to check first - just do it! But if you'd like to discuss an idea, go ahead and post here. Discussion, as my tutors keep telling me, builds understanding and creates ideas.
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Here's a list of all the weekly mini-challenges to date in alphabetic order. It's easier for the round-uppers to copy paste the information needed for the round-up that way. (In fact, all the round-uppers have to do is highlight the prompt and paste it into the corresponding form now.)

It also saves everyone the need to look through the weekly round-up to search of challenge words.

P.S. Apologies for remaking the post, but I thought it might be easier to find this way. ^-^;

Ah, yes... These are all keywords intended to spark some inspiration, even if it's as short as a drabble.

Last Updated: 29 June, 2008

The Challenge Words )
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Current as of the weekly update from Aug 27, 2007.

This is a master list, with links, of all the challenges that bold/foolish talechasers have undertaken. (Shanra's master list saved about a hundred years in making/ordering this, I might add. O_o)

By the way, just a reminder for newcomers who may not know - there's no deadline involved with these challenges. If there's a past challenge you haven't done and would like to do, just do it, and it'll be put into the weekly update that week.

[7 Nov '06] If I've missed something out here in version 1 or made some mistake (likely), let me know.
From now on I'll probably update this full list every December, or every July and December if the challenges start pouring in.

[27 Aug '07] Entries prompted by weekly questions are not included ... this is the weekly challenges only at the moment. Also please note that stories will only be listed by the heading under which they appear in the weekly roundup.

Mini-Challenges A-Z )
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Come, traveller, step softly on the road. The green hills rise around you, grey in the gathering twilight. Can you hear the music in the mist, the fiddles and the flute? Tarry not on the highway. Turn your eyes away from those pale dancers by the water's edge, with their green silk ribbons. For if they catch you in their coils, 'twill be a year and day before you come home again. And only then if you pay their price...

...for your freedom, a tale....



The Celtic Calendar Challenge Masterlist )


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