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Okay, so there are a zillion of these around, but I found this in my Foozle Box (also known as Yahoo Inbox) today and I've always liked it.

This is a character-fleshing exercise that just asks twenty questions about a character's attitudes towards certain things. I used it quite a bit as a teenage bairn and found it surprisingly handy - probably why I saved it ;) - so I might try it again now that I'm marginally better at ... oh, you know, people who can't leap tall buildings at a single bound. XD

What is your character's attitude towards ..? )
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Proof that Liss can be taught to share ... or at least reminded ;D

Here are some sites that could be helpful for anyone looking into regional and city maps - real-world setting or just style-borrowing for fantasy.

History of Cartography - A big database of online maps, categorised by continent and region. It's become my go-to starting point now.

The MOTCO Site - A fantastic site with detailed maps of London from several periods.

Maps of Llangynfelyn - Broader regional maps of the Welsh parish of Llangynfelyn (I tremble to consider pronouncing it) which I think are beautiful.

Edinburgh Maps - A huge collection of maps of Edinburgh, a very interestingly laid-out city. (I win English! Woo! :P)

The National Gallery of Australia - Our National Gallery's collection of old maps, not all of them Australian. If you're interested in making a city more deliberately laid-out and less organic than 'natural' cities, take a look at the plans of Canberra. Much of Canberra was deliberately designed in a huge international competition and is quite noticeably different.

Anyone else got nice mappy sites?
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(Sorry, gang, I'm posting these in [livejournal.com profile] talechasing just for this month to make the weekly round-up easier ... my own writing journal is aflood with long lists of other spam ;P)

I'd forgotten I'd written this. I found it with all my floody notes. It's sloppy as anything - got way too carried away with the cheesy melodramatic verses at the start, for example - but I'm too lazy to tidy up.

The management takes no responsibility for nausea, diarrhoea, etc.

Arathalian's Play - 2,150 wd. )
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Sorry, couldn't resist another little drabble exercise ... happy post-essay energy to burn ;)

Actually, you may have noticed you have a squillion comments on various entries ... sorry? ;P

This drabble (which is indeed a transparent excuse for me to ask certain questions I have nursed in the murky depths of my brain, yes) is just a short-and-simpley, but I won't put a word limit on it anyway just in case someone mistakenly asks Goldie a question.

For newcomers and/or people who don't write often, feel free to list and introduce a few of your characters (or leave a link to a page where you've already done something similar) ...

1. Post a little comment saying 'I'm in!'

2. Others post with a character and a question they'd like to ask them.
(Put something like this in the subject heading: [Character Name], [Question]?)

3. You respond in the space of one LJ comment and then retaliate respond with a character and a question to ask. (The response, by the way, can either be a direct answer to the person who asked the question, or an indirect answer via a drabble snippet ... whichever you prefer.)

4. Carry on in this way as long as you like ;)

Oh, and I've also put links to the various drabble-games in the sidebar there, Just Because ... feel free to rearrange, change or delete at your whim ...
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(We're approaching the 150 mark on the other drabbles, incidentally ... 15,000 words! Let us be proud or scared, one of the two ;D)

Just in case anyone occasionally feels like something with a bit of dialogue practice, I thought I'd start off this other random Thing too ...

Le General Idea

1. Comment on this main post to say 'I'm in!'

2. Someone else replies to your comment, picking two of your characters and a topic of conversation. You oblige in 300 words or less (just because I don't know what the length limit on an LJ comment is). ;)

3. You retaliate by picking two of their characters and another topic of conversation.

Multiple people can respond to your 'I'm in!' post, clearly. People can also challenge you more than once. And if you see someone else challenged to do a topic of conversation you like, maybe you can pick two characters and answer it as well - I dunno, does that seem too cluttered or complicated?

Not sure how popular this will be, but it couldn't hurt to be preemptive with collapsing comments, either - when you challenge someone, put the two characters and conversation topic in the title or summat.

Feedback and all general weirdness welcome ^_^

Edit: Oops, didn't think of that ... if you don't want character crossover, just say so in your commenty thingy - otherwise let's just assume that no-one minds.

Edit #2: About the prompty format - let's just do whatever we individually please, eh? So long as there are titles and whatnot, we'll know what's happening. ;D

Oh, and word limits have gone totally out the window, completely arbitrary as they were anyway, so just write as much as will fit in one comment. Whee! ^o^
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I was going to post this in my own journal for my own purposes. Then I realised that other people do exist in the world, and they might want to use it too ;)

This is a list of the mad drabbling going on here - no alphabetical or schematic order, just a straight top-to-bottom copying. So if you're looking for something to drabble about and can't deal with those collapsing commenty thingies *twitch*, just skim down.

Oh, and if you can be bothered, feel free to add more to this list as you make them up**. I'll try to check through the drabbles and update this periodically myself, but we all know how often THAT will be :P

(** ie. pop a comment down below and I'll add it to this list)
Thanks, Shanra! ;)

EDIT: Lo, we have cracked the 100-drabble mark! 10,000 words of dribbling! I mean, drabbling!
Rather fittingly cracked by [livejournal.com profile] rosiphelee, too ;D

EDIT THE SECOND: 150 drabbles fall to the drabble-sword of [livejournal.com profile] rosiphelee ...

By the way, if I seem to be answering every single one of your comments with banal one-liners, it's just to tag to myself that I've added your drabble to the list (telescoping comments strike again! aieee!)

The Drabble Prompt List )
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Yep, I've finally remembered to update here. :P

First, then, my Elfy ticket's gone through, but most people will have seen at least half of it already, I think.

'Soulfire Summoning: Last Words' is up, and oh, my golly goshkins, what a mangling the evil forces of MSWord and the Elfwood tag-cuts have conspired to make of it. *throws letters/fonts/pagination marks in the air at random* I need to look for a decent HTML editor.

The ending for 'Of Heredity and Soup' is up.

And to collect together all the faebabble, just so I know where to find everything for a change:

The Recognising the Faeborn pamphlet is here.

The Iron Hold is here and here.

Ascalain's Researcher is here.

Officer Leddon's abrasive words of fae wisdom are here.

And An Overview of the Five Ages of Fae is here in the mangled remains of what that idiot Fictionpress editor has made of my html, and after three abortive tries to fix it I ain't bothering any more. This one is purely for the severely curious, I warn you, because it's very heavy on the 'X did Y and then went to Q, where T had been waiting'.

Ah, that feels better. *pretends to be organised*
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Right, everyone's -very- kindly read it already, but I might just get back into the talechasing habit ... ;)

Year's End is the new 'Soulfire' short in my LJ.

Yup. That's all. I'm going now.

It's Nuan!

Nov. 19th, 2005 02:07 am
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Well, I had a crack at writing just a short little scene like Jenna's out of sheer frustration, and Nuan popped up. That was a nice surprise.

This is either about unappreciated brotherly altruism or fish on a stick. You may decide.
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Testing ... testing ...

Lorannon carps on. (You don't have to read this; there's not much of it and it doesn't go anywhere. I am just procrastinating experimenting.)
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Okay. Um. Still getting the hang of the whole setup deal. I've worked out how to do the members thing (I think) - just tell me if you want in and I'll sign you up. Almost certainly. Am I filling you with confidence yet? ^o^

For anyone who's a bit worried about how easy/hard it is to post here, don't worry. Once you're signed up as a member, all you do is write a post the way you normally would, but instead of clicking 'Update Journal' once you've finished, first lookit the drop-down box immediately to the left of the update button. It's called 'Post To:'. Just click and change that to 'talechasing', then click 'Update Journal' as usual. Yay! I think.

I chose a theme and colours at random, so people may need to help me with that. Yeah. ;)


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