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The prompt for January is:
unfinished business

What? You heard me. It is a challenge, as in the days of yore, with much quaffing of mead and double-headed axes*!

You can write as little as a 100-word drabble or as much as a Nanowrivel. Or more. It can be about what/wherever you like so long as it keeps to the theme prompt somehow.

There will be a new prompt each month, but there is no deadline. Shun the months that displease you. Submit multiple entries for one month if the madness takes you.

I will be making a full list of everyone's contributions through the year, so whenever you complete a prompt, add a Comment of Triumph(TM)! to this post (or a later monthly post) and I will add your link to the round-up.

Then, in December 2012, we can look back and go 'oo'. :D

So here it is, 1/12 for the year, 'unfinished business' - because that's what we've got, peeps! Bring on 2012!!

* if you want them
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The votes have long been in, and now they've finally been counted as well ^_^

These are guidelines only, not rules. Please try to keep to them, but don't feel that you'll be oppressed and punished if you don't. They're just to try to reduce potential conflicts before they happen.

Guidelines )

Comments welcome!
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But, this time around, let's discuss 'em in a positive light. ^-~ With the holiday season closing in on everyone, this might not be the best of timing for the post, but we'll have something to refer to if we need it. Discussions can always wait until whenever.

Anyway, I'm not the greatest at definitions, so as long as you come up with a different one, feel free to pelt me with overripe fruit. ^-~ Remember, the point of making these definitions is to ensure we all agree on what a tag is used for and so we can always look up a tag's use, which might be useful in the more obscure, rarely used ones.

I based them mostly on how we've used them so far, in case anyone's curious, by the way. ^-^

In alphabetical order then...

Tag Definitions! )

As this was a concern the previous time we discussed tags, I'll just stress the following:
You are under no obligation whatsoever to use these tags. They're just a form of/attemt at organisation. Anyone can add, delete or edit them if/when needed. If an entry really does need a tag, someone else can add it later, so don't worry about it. ^-^ They're not supposed to make anyone fret and worry, after all.

That said... Thoughts, ideas, suggestions, additions? Things I missed? Misspellings? Unclarities? Want to yell at me to just leave the stupid tags in peace and let them get on with their existence? Comments section be down there somewhere. ;)


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