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Did any of you know about this craziness?  (64 to 1,024 CHARACTERS!)

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Because I couldn't find it on Talechasing proper on short notice... Here's the 25 Moods Meme for anyone interested (and as hopeless with searches as I am. ^-~ Perhaps.)

Anyway, below the cuts are the 25 moods that Jenna posted about a week ago. The idea is that you take one character and write a little drabblish story to go with each mood.


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Well, it goes to figure that if I don't come bearing round-ups, I come bearing links. ^-~ Anyway, here is an exercise on writing an outline(/short story) in an hour. It does focus rather a bit on the scifi side, but hey that's what you get when it's a scifi writer writing it, I suspect.

There's also a post on verb usage here. Be sure to check out the other link as well for full effect.

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While reworking Strange Words, I wound up with an exercise idea. Writing a short scene several times, focusing on a different sense every time. Ideally, it'd be a focus on every sense, but as we don't live in an ideal world...

The basic idea is just to take a short scene (like someone trying on clothes in a store) and write it several times, focusing on different senses. (Sight, touch and sound, though I'd be impressed if anyone could fit taste into a scene like that.)

Pick any scene that sounds intruiging to you, really. No need to stick to the example given. ^-^
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Okay, so there are a zillion of these around, but I found this in my Foozle Box (also known as Yahoo Inbox) today and I've always liked it.

This is a character-fleshing exercise that just asks twenty questions about a character's attitudes towards certain things. I used it quite a bit as a teenage bairn and found it surprisingly handy - probably why I saved it ;) - so I might try it again now that I'm marginally better at ... oh, you know, people who can't leap tall buildings at a single bound. XD

What is your character's attitude towards ..? )
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One of the things that I find incredibly fun (and educational) to do is to take a character and write about them at various stages/intervals of their life. Looking at parts of my characters' lives has really helped in understanding them and the worlds they've lived in all their lives.

Writing about Kai's childhood answered a whole lot of questions I had and never bothered the characters about for relevance reasons. It's deepened the relationships between some of the characters and broadened my understanding of them.

Anyway, burbling all aside, I was here to offer up a writing exercise relating to that subject. No need to do anything with it, but I just want to offer it up, because people might find it useful. ^-^ This probably works best with characters from longer stories, but have at it with any character you want.

Write about a character at various ages. The events can be as small or big as you want, but they have to be at significantly different ages.

E.g. Maybe the character hears a story told by a traveller and decides that they want to travel too. Maybe later on in life, they fall ill in a small town far away from home. Maybe they decide they never want to travel as a child, but are forced to by war. Or nothing happens and, at twenty, they go to the market to sell wares and buy some much needed materials.
It doesn't matter what happens, as long as it's the same character at a different age.

Er, I don't do a lot of challenge/exercise writing, so please holler if I'm too unclear and I'll try to fix that up.
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(I'll ask someone to explain Captain Feathersword to me another day. O_o)

Well, I've been cleaning out my old (OLD) email inbox, and I found a few little things from a now-defunct writing group I used to be in called Blowing Bubbles. Yep, we were all airheads, so.

This one's a really short, simple exercise someone recommended for a) old characters you've lost the hang of b) new characters you'd like to flesh out c) fun. I thought it might be an interesting thing to play at now or squirrel away for later.

The basic idea is to write short, suspiciously drabble-like things (100-200 words) using the same character for each of the following:

- a situation where they're angry
- a situation where they're scared
- a situation where they're happy
- a scene where they're talking to their best friend
- a scene where they have to do something they don't want to
- a scene where they let themselves down

They're slightly odd questions, so feel free to tailor/add some. I just like the general idea - going through a few different emotions with the same victim character.

Do as thou seest fit ^_-


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