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Trey started as the girl sitting across from him jerked upright from where she lounged languidly over three stained subway seats.
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 Ahhhhhhhh... writing...
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The prompt for January is:
unfinished business

What? You heard me. It is a challenge, as in the days of yore, with much quaffing of mead and double-headed axes*!

You can write as little as a 100-word drabble or as much as a Nanowrivel. Or more. It can be about what/wherever you like so long as it keeps to the theme prompt somehow.

There will be a new prompt each month, but there is no deadline. Shun the months that displease you. Submit multiple entries for one month if the madness takes you.

I will be making a full list of everyone's contributions through the year, so whenever you complete a prompt, add a Comment of Triumph(TM)! to this post (or a later monthly post) and I will add your link to the round-up.

Then, in December 2012, we can look back and go 'oo'. :D

So here it is, 1/12 for the year, 'unfinished business' - because that's what we've got, peeps! Bring on 2012!!

* if you want them
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Here we go! Last time we got to a total of 164 drabbles ^_^ The previous round is here if anyone wants a refresher on what these things look like.

How it works... )

Opening prompts:

The richest city in the world will burn for you,
Lie on its side and cry into the sand for you
- Christopher Logue, War Music


Letting the cat out of the bag


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