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Most of the introduction be shamelessly stolen from [livejournal.com profile] rosiphelee's post here.

Chain Haiku:

1. This is a haiku. Well, the explanation of what a haiku is anyway. 'tis better than anything I could do. However, for the purpose of the game, I suggest that we stick merely to the rule of three lines of 5-7-5 syllables and avoid trying to fit 'Office Chair' and a season together in a maximum of around 30 words.

2. I'll post a starting prompt at the end of this entry.

3. Anyone can respond to this prompt by commenting and including in their comment the haiku and a new prompt


*Three lines of haiku-iness here*

New prompt = lemons

4. Anyone else can then reply to that comment with an answering haiku and another prompt.

5. So, you can't post a prompt without writing a haiku

5a ...and you can't write a haiku without including a new prompt.

6. You can answer any prompt, including your own, even if someone else has answered it already.

7. Prompts can be anything - single words, quotes. pictures, whatever but must be general enough that anyone can answer them. (Also, keep in mind that they're very, very, very short pieces.)

8. It's provn useful to people looking for a prompt to have the words in the subject line.


prompt answered /\ new prompt

9. There are no timelimits. Feel free to keep this going indefinitely.

Any questions?

And... Your first prompt is...

wind mills
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(I'll ask someone to explain Captain Feathersword to me another day. O_o)

Well, I've been cleaning out my old (OLD) email inbox, and I found a few little things from a now-defunct writing group I used to be in called Blowing Bubbles. Yep, we were all airheads, so.

This one's a really short, simple exercise someone recommended for a) old characters you've lost the hang of b) new characters you'd like to flesh out c) fun. I thought it might be an interesting thing to play at now or squirrel away for later.

The basic idea is to write short, suspiciously drabble-like things (100-200 words) using the same character for each of the following:

- a situation where they're angry
- a situation where they're scared
- a situation where they're happy
- a scene where they're talking to their best friend
- a scene where they have to do something they don't want to
- a scene where they let themselves down

They're slightly odd questions, so feel free to tailor/add some. I just like the general idea - going through a few different emotions with the same victim character.

Do as thou seest fit ^_-
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Well. Was in a writsy mood. So, went back and looked at those drabbles and chain drabbles and conversation drabble and all sorts of things... and I do still owe people ones.


I did the last of my challenged question-drabbles. (From [livejournal.com profile] ladylight: Longsight, how do you describe your home?)

An I'll post that in a moment.

And I have three conversation drabbles left:

For [livejournal.com profile] ladylight: Joltir and Kazie ~ gender equality

For [livejournal.com profile] shanra: Jackle and Jenni ~ cheese

For [livejournal.com profile] spiderlick: Th'rey'ah and Sunlight ~ surviving

Well ... shall TRY to write those (no promises, 'Lyssa). So, I call unto you. Open your closets! Dig through the dust! Hunt out those old drabbles! (Please?)

((Cross-posted from my LJ, so apologies for the f-list spammage.))
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I think I have a drabble idea!

Word Limit: 6

"Burn, baby burn! Agh, wind shift!"

If you want to see where I got it, [livejournal.com profile] ursulav has the skinny, and a link, here: http://ursulav.livejournal.com/545004.html?nc=2&style=mine
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Sorry, couldn't resist another little drabble exercise ... happy post-essay energy to burn ;)

Actually, you may have noticed you have a squillion comments on various entries ... sorry? ;P

This drabble (which is indeed a transparent excuse for me to ask certain questions I have nursed in the murky depths of my brain, yes) is just a short-and-simpley, but I won't put a word limit on it anyway just in case someone mistakenly asks Goldie a question.

For newcomers and/or people who don't write often, feel free to list and introduce a few of your characters (or leave a link to a page where you've already done something similar) ...

1. Post a little comment saying 'I'm in!'

2. Others post with a character and a question they'd like to ask them.
(Put something like this in the subject heading: [Character Name], [Question]?)

3. You respond in the space of one LJ comment and then retaliate respond with a character and a question to ask. (The response, by the way, can either be a direct answer to the person who asked the question, or an indirect answer via a drabble snippet ... whichever you prefer.)

4. Carry on in this way as long as you like ;)

Oh, and I've also put links to the various drabble-games in the sidebar there, Just Because ... feel free to rearrange, change or delete at your whim ...
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(We're approaching the 150 mark on the other drabbles, incidentally ... 15,000 words! Let us be proud or scared, one of the two ;D)

Just in case anyone occasionally feels like something with a bit of dialogue practice, I thought I'd start off this other random Thing too ...

Le General Idea

1. Comment on this main post to say 'I'm in!'

2. Someone else replies to your comment, picking two of your characters and a topic of conversation. You oblige in 300 words or less (just because I don't know what the length limit on an LJ comment is). ;)

3. You retaliate by picking two of their characters and another topic of conversation.

Multiple people can respond to your 'I'm in!' post, clearly. People can also challenge you more than once. And if you see someone else challenged to do a topic of conversation you like, maybe you can pick two characters and answer it as well - I dunno, does that seem too cluttered or complicated?

Not sure how popular this will be, but it couldn't hurt to be preemptive with collapsing comments, either - when you challenge someone, put the two characters and conversation topic in the title or summat.

Feedback and all general weirdness welcome ^_^

Edit: Oops, didn't think of that ... if you don't want character crossover, just say so in your commenty thingy - otherwise let's just assume that no-one minds.

Edit #2: About the prompty format - let's just do whatever we individually please, eh? So long as there are titles and whatnot, we'll know what's happening. ;D

Oh, and word limits have gone totally out the window, completely arbitrary as they were anyway, so just write as much as will fit in one comment. Whee! ^o^
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I was going to post this in my own journal for my own purposes. Then I realised that other people do exist in the world, and they might want to use it too ;)

This is a list of the mad drabbling going on here - no alphabetical or schematic order, just a straight top-to-bottom copying. So if you're looking for something to drabble about and can't deal with those collapsing commenty thingies *twitch*, just skim down.

Oh, and if you can be bothered, feel free to add more to this list as you make them up**. I'll try to check through the drabbles and update this periodically myself, but we all know how often THAT will be :P

(** ie. pop a comment down below and I'll add it to this list)
Thanks, Shanra! ;)

EDIT: Lo, we have cracked the 100-drabble mark! 10,000 words of dribbling! I mean, drabbling!
Rather fittingly cracked by [livejournal.com profile] rosiphelee, too ;D

EDIT THE SECOND: 150 drabbles fall to the drabble-sword of [livejournal.com profile] rosiphelee ...

By the way, if I seem to be answering every single one of your comments with banal one-liners, it's just to tag to myself that I've added your drabble to the list (telescoping comments strike again! aieee!)

The Drabble Prompt List )
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Anyone want to play at chain-drabbles?

Works like this:

1. I'll post a starting prompt at the end of this entry.

2. Anyone can respond to this prompt by commenting and including in their comment the drabble and a new prompt


Hundred words of dazzling fiction here.

New prompt = lemons

3. Anyone else can then reply to that comment with an answering drabble and another prompt.

4. So, you can't post a prompt without writing a drabble

4a ...and you can't write a drabble without including a new prompt.

5. You can answer any prompt, including your own, even if someone else has answered it already.

6. Prompts can be anything - single words, quotes. pictures, whatever but must be general enough that anyone can answer them.

7. There are no timelimits. Feel free to keep this going indefinitely.

Any questions?

Your first prompt is:

I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.

I do not think that they will sing to me.
- T. S. Eliot

18 August: As this is now folded up into multiple comment threads, a couple of folks have suggested we label the drabbles to make it easier to find them. [livejournal.com profile] shanra has a nice format, so if you want to copy her and use comment headings, try this:

Prompt being answered /\ New Prompt

Cheers ^_^

[livejournal.com profile] ladylight's list of prompts can be found here. Comment there to let her know any new prompts.


Jun. 30th, 2006 11:24 am
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I am still taking drabble requests, although I might take a while longer to actually do them, due to wanting to get longer work done as well. ^-~

Drabbles )


Jun. 28th, 2006 05:17 pm
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Geez, if I'd known these things were this much fun, I'd have joined in sooner!! Well, maybe that wouldn't have been such a good idea ... exams would have suffered...

Drabbles )
Anyone else want one (or more) please request, although I beg of you not to ask for characters outside of their story-worlds. I don't think my writing standards could hold up to that, especially after the break.
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I hope nobody minds, but I thought I'd do a quick round up of the burst of creativity over the last week, seeing as I started it. Hopefully there will be more to come. If I've missed anything, or if you want off the list, please let me know. I haven't included anything under a friends-lock.

Alintas Magic Realism Mini Challenge )

Drabble meme )

And now for a new challenge....

In the spirit of the last one, let's keep it short - 1000 - 2000 words or so (yes, I know I was the only one who went over. Sssh)

And your prompt is...


(Fellow Pratchett-geeks will understand why)

No time limit or obligation to play. I'll try to post another one this time next week (or someone can if they're inspired). The aim is to have fun and let the muses make a mess.

Happy Wednesday ^_^ (Oh, and those who haven't checked the birthdays list on their My LJ page lately might want to do so)


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