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Help on rewriting short stories? )

So, what do you do after you’ve finished the first draft?
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Seeing how things are going and how lots of people are getting pissed off with LJ/SUP/6a...

1. Are you annoyed with the way things seem to be going with LJ?

2. If so, why do you stick around?

3. Would you would permenantly/near permenantly relocate to Insane Journal if the majority of your elfwood/talechasing friends moved with you and you were told how to move all the content of your LJ to IJ?

4. Would you prefer to move somewhere else?

5. Would it make a difference if the whole content of [livejournal.com profile] talechasing moved with you?

Please answer all the questions in your posts. ^_^
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In my effort to procrastinate my homework get myself motivated to do my homework, I stumbled across an interesting discussion on one of the LT groups' forums. I thought it had at least some reflective potential, if not necessarily discussion potential.

Disregarding the slight misleading quality of the question, I do find it an interesting one. So...

Would you rather be paid or be read?

* For the interest of the topic, shall we assume that we all make/have enough money to live comfortably and that that aspect of the little green bills is not an optionissue1?
* Please note that the original topic there does ask for a choice, not a mixture. Since otherwise everyone would opt for a mixture.

1) One sees why I dread writing anything remotely class-related at the moment.

Read more... )
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A lot of us have now had a go at the 25 Moods Challenge. This is a post to discuss how people approached the task and to share anything interesting that came out of the exercise.

Discuss anything you want about the challenge, but here's some ideas to get you started:

Why did you choose the character/s you did?
Which moods were hardest and why?
Which were easiest?
Did you stick to the same POV for all moods? Same era?
Did it help you understand the character/s any better?
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Duck for cover, folks, [livejournal.com profile] shanra and I have been bouncing ideas around.

First off, [livejournal.com profile] shanra has been done a wonderful job making the round-up layout more user-friendly (on this note, if anyone didn't know, she and I will both be away from 4th - 14th August, so we'll need someone to jump in and do the round-up then ^_^). In discussing the format, we realised that we needed a new section for all the other challenges that get issued in here. When I started doing the round-up, I didn't anticipate anything other than the weekly mini-challenges, so I didn't create a section for them. From now on, there will be a heading for things like the 25 mood challenge and the revisionist challenge.

Secondly, would people like to see discussion posts for different challenges? We thought it would be quite fun to give people the opportunity to discuss how they approached different things. The 25 moods and the revisionist challenge seem to be rumbling on nicely, so I'd probably start with posts to talk about those.

Comments on both ideas welcome!
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Since not everyone in this community knows everyone, I thought I'd ask...

What do you write? What's your favourite genre? (Why?) What's your current magnum opus? Do you have one or several? Are you more of a short stories person? Are your short stories connected to one another or are they all stand-alone? What's your preferred language to write in? (Why?) Any characters or worlds you particularly love to write about? (Even if they only ever crop up in shorter pieces, as I know some people here write a lot of shorter pieces that are connected.)

(And... equally useful to know: where can we find it, if anywhere?)
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As it's turned out to be more difficult to come up with good discussion topics, here's the place to suggest your own. Leave just a topic, add questions of your own for people to consider...

Suggest away!

P.S. Please, if you second a topic, leave a note in response to the original reply and add new topic in a new reply to this entry. That way we won't have to go searching through all the reply comments for new suggestions and through all the posts in general for popular topics. ^-~

(Also, feel free to nab any of the topics to discuss at any time.)


As you can see round-uppers leave a note when a topic has been used. If you are filling in for the round-uppers, please do so too to minimise the chance of repeated postings of a topic. Thank you!
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I was just looking through the (admittedly small amount of) burbling I've done on the craft of writing and I was left with a question that I'm hoping someone in the community can tell me more of.

What's it like to write with an outline? Beyond having a good idea of where the story is going and how relationships work, what are the highlights? What the pitfalls? Do your characters sometimes make you radically revise the plot? Is it a physical outline, followed to the letter?

Are the processes of outlined and unoutlined writing actually all that different if you pause to really think about it? If yes, does that depend on the size of the story or does it apply for every story and every poem?

Personally, my idea of an outline (for stories) is either 'this is point a and this is point z and we'll see what happens in between and whether point z still exists in about a paragraph's time' or 'this is a character/prompt/thing/blank page/etc. Go!'

For poetry it tends to be the form/rhymes I'm using. For both prose and poetry in rare cases, the outline I have is the title of the piece.


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