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Jan. 10th, 2013 03:33 pm
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Greetings, lovely peeps. As promised, I think it is time for a few fresh 2013 ruminations on Axis, particularly as things have slowed considerably towards the end of 2012.

(Spamming while I can, in case you hadn't guessed ...)

In Axis, No-One Can Hear You Yodel )

The TLDR Spam-Free Version:
- We need to start a new adventure!
- We need to let people know when we're away!
- We need to discuss who the story-runner is going to be after [ profile] exoeternity!
- We need to move the story to a bulletin board to see updates more easily!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
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This post is set somewhere in the indeterminate time period of between-the-interview-and-the-high-dock-story. Feel free to reserve yourself a stable bunk, pack away your stuff, choose your neighbours or build furniture walls between yourselves, and generally annoy each other. :D

There are two bunkrooms in use at Arenet HQ; two more adjacent rooms seem to be used for little more than storage of mysterious surplus. The bunkrooms each have two long rows of twenty-five bunks - each one incorporating a top and bottom bunk - with a tall and narrow locker standing at each end of every one.

Staff strength at the moment, at least in terms of field operatives taking up bunks, appears to be around sixty personnel ... without counting the new arrivals. Teams Alpha, Delta, Epsilon and Sigma fully occupy one of the bunkrooms, usually with a top and bottom bunk to themselves.

The cavernous second bunkroom is where all the new staff have been summarily exiled, though given the vast space provided, this could be a good thing. Once upon a time there were certainly more than four teams; the graffiti on the lockers certainly suggests as much, and a few lockers still contain things like spare belt-buckles and bootlaces and even a few small personal items. An internal comms display stands by the door, as is the case in most rooms at Arenet HQ. There are also a number of loadout cabinets for firearms.

A large, bleakly military communal shower room with a door in the far wall runs adjacent to each bunkroom, though it does incorporate a half-dozen sealed cubicles for anyone who may be 'precious' about washing in private. These shower rooms are also one of a certain number of rooms in the installation that have been completely nulled, so magic of any kind - and any given technomantic device one might have on one's person - simply will not work in here. The implication says a lot for human nature.

All in all, it's dark, caked with Arenetian dust tracked in from outside, and has a distinctly unwashed-people aroma to it, suggesting that the shower rooms haven't historically been used as often as they ought be. The bunks aren't in great repair - it's quite a feat finding one that doesn't wobble or smell a bit too suspect - and many of the lockers should definitely remain shut. Permanently. If they aren't stuck that way already.

It's not very nice, but for a while at least, it's going to be home ...
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It begins, at last! :D This is the official next post in the story chain.

Many apologies for the delays towards the end of this week - I'm trying to take some countermeasures this time. You'll notice I've jumped time forward about two weeks since the reccy chatting, and I've also created another, similar chat post set in the indeterminate past inside the bunkrooms. If the story slows down at any point due to Unforeseen Circumstances, please feel free to muck around in the bunkrooms or even make up a whole new post set at some point in the two weeks that have passed since the interviews.

Go tour scenic, dust snow'd Arenet! Win big money betting at the Arena! Or if that's too much excitement for you (and Kelethen), just stay in the installation and shoot at the range.

For now, onward into the adventurously unknown ...

It hasn't been a terribly interesting first two weeks for the new staff at Skyshield Corporation's Arenet Headquarters; formal operational duties have solely consisted of putting stuff away and being shown around the ageing installation by various guides with various levels of interest. It's a labyrinth of a place, really - there seem to be more doors and rooms than time and space should allow for, though plenty of these appear to have been locked up tight for many, many years.

Arenet HQ stands on top of and also extends underneath its modest hill in the Arenetian arenaside slums; there are stairs and elevators here and there, adding to the general confusion of the place. How many levels exist underground isn't quite clear as a result, but if there are more than three, they're clearly not in ready use. Most elevators go down no more than two floors, and up three.

Getting completely familiar with the place within a fortnight is a bit of an ask, but the main 'attractions' are more or less findable for most by now: the bunkrooms, the reccy, the mess, the dry firing hall, the shooting range, the gymnasium, the garage out back, the high dock on the roof where very small craft can land. The province of admin and the operational offices are mostly aboveground on the second floor. The three company hangars loom large at the foot of the hill, walled off with heavy security.

On their own time, Skyshield employees are allowed to leave the installation and look around Arenet City. Why they'd want to is another story, but the old hands seem to do it regularly. Most haven't gone out of their way to introduce themselves to the new faces, either; the prevailing attitude appears to be one of weary tolerance or amused scorn.

This particular morning, about sixteen meridian days after the interviews, starts with a loud-voiced wake-up call over the bunkroom comms. Skyshield's newest staff are directed to present to the high dock on the next hour with overnight kit (and no further explanations whatsoever).

It's dark and cold up on the roof, but the weather is clear - no dust storms until the evening, by forecast - and a small getabout shuttle is waiting on middle dock. No-one else is here to greet or offer insight as to what's going on, however. Yet.
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Adventure and destruction, love and betrayal, minotaurs and 10,000 honey badgers!

If you've written any kind of Axis-themed story, drabble or thingaling - be it a character history, a tourist postcard of Ganymede or a random Skyshield Adventure - post here and it shall be linked.

Note that you may need to be on a particular writing filter to see posts in some journals - leave pointed hints for the writers here if you can't read something.

Yes, I'll be arranging the stories into lists.

Shut up and just go read while the First Adventure Post cometh ... soooon :D


A Dying Star
Alioth and his star are stricken by a mysterious infestation of carbonaceous parasites.


The Collapse of Little Spear
How Calla Quorin lost a homeworld and gained her scars. 


Teetering on the very brink ...


Mini Monsters
Long before Errol faced the dehumanising horrors of the Arena, he led a life still more terrifying: guardian to a horde of minotaur children!

Freeing Dionyclese 
Errol gets his freedom after years in the Arenetian Arenas, whether he wants it or not.


Gypsy's Daughter
Karalyn demonstrates to her masters why a proper employee/slave screening process is very important.

Karalyn's Test
The importance of not messing with the bouncers at the Black Dancer Tavern.

The Pit
Karalyn fights for her life in the Arenetian Arena. Gladiatorial games tip: always bet on the little ones.


Little Star
A whole city and its star-mage are lost in the Fall of Lamoris.
Kelethen's Testimony
Mahora begins to search for answers, and unfortunately there is only one person left to ask.

One Year to the Day
Adjusting to life as ceremonially-disgraced-Lamorissan-Guard-Kelethen-Tannamaurin proves too hard.


The Making of Mirzam
Mirzam, one of Arare's finest budding pilots, does the unthinkable: she crashes. And when she wakes up ...
(Editor's Note: This story should definitely be called 'When Harry Met Mirri'. Never mind.)

When Harry Met Mirri
The mysterious creation of a spirit ship and the fate of a fragile girl.
(Editor's Note: Editors should be more careful about what they say.)


Promises, Promises
Natalina prepares to farewell her much-adored family and head off to join a bunch of honourless mercs.


Steadily approaching ...


Reed and the Rocks
Reed the Ever-Precocious, in his youth, still surrounded by spirits and managing to do no work whatsoever.


Any day now ...

Postcards of Elsewhere

How Lanzia, Scourge of Daron, was denied the obliteration of the Darosi.

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Thought it was a good time to start this post now that we've got a hundred different names floating around. ;) You are welcome, nay, encouraged to make more up, but if you do, please comment here so they can be added for everyone's reference (particularly the next story-runner) ...

Moons of Axis )
Zhava - (Similar to "Java", but with a French 'j'-sound)

Skyshield Corporation )

Political Figures )

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Getting very close now to Adventure! :D ... though I do think the ongoing Axis chattiness is best left to itself for another week or two so our characters can get to know each other just a little, particularly as [ profile] saiena's bunch have been stranded at interview longer than the rest. Let me know what you think.

Anyway, as we prepare to embark on a plot, here's a brief reminder/clarification on how this will all work, since that got buried in spam quiiite some time ago and there's been a moment or two of confusion since then (my fault, as usual :D) ...

What the main characters do:
- Describe what they're currently doing
- Describe what they're trying to do/achieve
- Describe their reactions to events
- Describe how they're feeling

What the story-runner does:
- Describe what is happening now
- Describe what any secondary characters are doing
- Describe what the outcomes of main characters' intended actions are

Valiant Victor sprints across the room, overpowers the two guards at the door and kicks it in to rescue the princess.
Valiant Victor sprints across the room and attacks the two guards at the door.

Able Annalise convinces the magistrate to let everyone go free.
Able Annalise attempts to convince the magistrate to let everyone go free.

The important - and pretty much only - difference between the two is that unless you are running the current story, you will stick more or less to describing your character's actions, reactions, thoughts et cetera - NOT the outcomes of their actions. I say 'more or less' because for trivial things it's not terribly important (ie. always presume success when putting on your pyjamas at night).

The reason for this is simplicity, pure and simple. It's very hard to get a cohesive, logical story going when things can change without warning. Someone describes John the Secondary Character walking into the room with a bulging trenchcoat, plotting to have him throw open a coatful of dynamite and prepare to make demands ... and then Neddy runs up and kicks him in the middle, knocking him to the floor. Would Neddy have done that if he had known what John was carrying? Was Neddy actually quick enough to do it, for that matter, or is John a martial artist who should logically have given him the slip? Does the whole hostage situation plotline get thrown out the window now, and does everyone else get to keep their legs?

For similar reasons, I wouldn't make this kind of post: Kelethen turned around, exasperated, and hit Reed with a chair.

Yes, Kelethen might well want to hit Reed with a chair - he certainly might think about hitting Reed with a chair, and might pick a chair up to try to hit him with it - but the outcome is not for my character to predetermine. That's either for the story-runner to decide, particularly if the outcome is somehow significant to their current plot, or it's for a random dice-roll to settle.

The story-runner is like the narrator, with a very significant exception: they don't describe the main characters' emotions, thoughts or feelings. They may cause characters to notice/realise something, or to feel tired/sore/[insert physical aspect here], but the emotions, motives and mores of a character are always the sole province of that character.

As you can see in Spam-O-Vision there, I've now set up a post for any story-related comments, requests for clarifications, pointings-out-of-things (you said the wall was blue last time, but it seems to have turned pink) and general chuckling at character antics. Please let loose there if anything is puzzling/troubling you.

In short, then, as a character:

- Do embellish on any descriptions provided (if all you get is that the decor is 'nice', by all means do your own interior decorating :D)
- Do create, describe, act for bit-part or minor background characters (if you want to be served by a buxom spacewench, by Gandalf, it is your right!)
- Do keep coming up with new places/history/random customs (and feel free to insert at any juncture of the story) because they are awesome

- Don't describe the actions/reactions/emotions of other characters in the story - they will handle that
- Don't describe the outcomes of your actions - wait to find out, then describe (ie. don't assume success)

As a story-runner:

- Do bear characters' strengths and weaknesses in mind when deciding on an outcome
- Don't describe the main characters' emotions or feelings

While we're on the subject, and since it's getting close to time, would anyone like to put their hand up to be next story-runner in August? As mentioned, I'll leave the reccy room ramble to carry on a while - since the interview room was a bit of an awkward situation to get to know people - and then we'll have a July Adventure later on. You're more than welcome to start up your own mini-chats in bunkrooms and whatnot as well; it might be a fun distraction in the case of downtime.

It's my day off today, had you noticed? :D Ahh ....
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Trying to work out what the hell is going on in the Axis Story at the moment? Waiting longer than a couple of days for a reply from someone? Can't remember where we are/who this chick talking to us is? Need to gently point out a mistake in the story (didn't you just say there weren't any doors in this room?) Just want to call someone out on a really lame joke? Do it here. :D
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Sorry for my periodic appearances and general tardiness, guys, this is a hard pace to keep up on night shifts! ;P Next week will be better. Here's a place in which the interviewed can natter freely and get to know all y'all once your character's grilling is done.

Following a trip to the cavernous head office and the admin assistant for a long and harrowing period of contract-signing and questionnaire-filling (haven't there been enough questions today?), all successful job interviewees are shooed away to wait in this room for Final Processing.

This room, marked as the Recreational Room and yet uniformly referred to by all staff so far as the 'reccy', is one of few places in the installation where Skyshield operatives are able to spend their downtime away from the cluttered bunkdowns. It is just down the hall from the mess and tactically far removed from any area that calls for quiet.

Notices flicker across various dryscreens on the walls, most of them just joke postings or moderately dirty pictures. A multiple-panel display is the room's main feature, a forest of chairs and benches and one bubble-bag drawn up in front of it; here operatives can watch playbacks of all descriptions, read, listen to music or add more stupid fake notices to the noticeboards.

In one corner is the obligatory dartboard, though not quite a conventional one; some lame wit at some point in history has painted a tiny star on the bullseye. Quite a lot of the darts are an interesting shape now and require more skill than usual to actually lodge in the board.

Not far from the dartboard a grid for squareball is painted on the floor. Seeing that played at the same time as someone tries to play darts would be interesting, let alone watching someone trying to use the neighbouring card table.

There are two large cabinets at the rear of the room to which ostensibly only the facilities manager has access, though in fact they show every sign of being regularly jemmied, and a small communications display beside them on which services, security and command can each be contacted freely. The display is locked to external calls. This can be broadly inferred from the multiple signs next to it: THIS DISPLAY, IS LOCKED TO EXTERNAL CALLS!!! CONTACT YOU'RE TEAM LEADER FOR AUTHER ACCESS!! HACKERS WILL BE BANNED!!!!
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Get your CVs ready, ladies and gentlemen, we're getting this show on the road! To participate in your interview, introduce your character to the Wall - see example(s) below if unsure - and wait in the waiting room to be invited up for your interview [by the story-runner o'the hour, which to begin with is me]. You are very welcome to chat with other people in the atrium while you wait.

The job interview is a mini-panel interview of 2 corporate staff and involves two main themes: being asked why you want to join Skyshield Corporation, and being asked why the hell -they- would want you. Beyond those two essential need-to-knows, there is no fixed format for this interview. You could be run through a few psychology 'take-what-out-of-a-burning-building' quizzes. You could get one of those infuriating 'describe an occasion when you Showed Initiative!' questions (though I personally would not be that cruel). You could be invited to take a swing at an interviewer with a chair "if you think you're all that". Basically it depends on who's running your interview, what you say, and what Skyshield Corporation may or may not already know about you. ;)

At the end of the interview, if survived, you will be accepted on a see-how-you-go basis and the REAL hijinks will begin ...

It's quite cold in this room, and a little dark, but at least it's somewhere to hide from both the weather and the sordid streets of Arenet, the moon's eponymous quasi-capital.

Stepping inside is a sudden and dramatic contrast, in fact; blessedly shut away from the lurid glare of competing stall conjurations, away from the noise of the day-night crowds, away from the stink of the rancid arenaside slums - and possibly most blessedly of all, away from that omnipresent, sifting dust blown in-city from the cold, dry delta on the plains ... referred to as the Arenet Overcoat by the locals, and by outsiders, any number of expletive-laced epithets in every language.

From the outside, this stone building looms in a square and unlovely hunch on one of Arenet's few hills, a run-down, ex-military installation of one of Arenet's many historical warlords - solid, but in very poor repair and upkeep, and naturally caked in layers of dry, grey dust. Finding the famous Skyshield Corporate logo on such a dump would be astonishing on any other planet ... embarrassing, even ... but this is Arenet.

The stony atrium of Skyshield Corporation Arenet is quite small - only a slight fraction of the installation's full area - and it is mostly empty, though it swarms with the competing sensations of magic and spirits; access to the rest of the building is clearly both hidden and secured. Stone benches line the perimeter walls, seating enough for perhaps thirty to forty people, and all are facing inward towards the one, dominating feature in the very centre of the atrium: a freestanding, full-wall spirit-prism display.

The prism display is a dense wall of what looks like deep blue glass, ten feet high and three feet thick - so opaque that shapes passing behind it are only vague shadows, and highly reflective, showing crisp, mirror-like, azure-tinged images of everything in front of it. It is aging technology these days, but still staggeringly expensive and very, very rare. This may well be one of the most expensive installations on Arenet.

When approached very closely, any reflection in the glass is abruptly hijacked, taking on a faint luminosity and an independent 'life' of its own within the prism. The reflection invariably spends some time in dispassionate inspection, then speaks the same rote lines in a toneless mental voice. There is no indication as to whether this spirit-in-the-glass has intelligence or simply a magical construct, but whatever it is, its power is enough to make even the common man's skin prickle in proximity ... and enough to make a true mage very wary about being so close to it.

State Your Full Name.

State Your Age in Meridian Years.

State Your Place of Origin.

Touch the Glass and Hold for Resonance Testing.

Please Be Seated Once Complete.

Skyshield Corporation have not opted for a very personal touch in this installation. There are no staff anywhere to be seen - which, of course, does not mean they are not there, but certainly does nothing for customer service issues arising in their absence. The only furniture is the benches along the blank walls, and the spirit-prism display ... if such a rare, valuable and powerful creation can be termed as furniture.
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Welcome to [INSERT MERC HERE] HQ. Please give me your resume, Mr/Ms/Other [INSERT CHARACTER HERE] ...

Neeearly ready to go, guys! :D :D

1. We need a casting vote on the name of our company (currently seems to be tied 2 apiece between Axis Stellar Retrievals and Skyshield Corporation) ... soon as the tie's broken, I am poised to post the job interviews TOMORROW! Skyshield Corporation - hooooo!

2. Calla ([ profile] exoeternity) and Raptia ([ profile] meirionwen) are is still missing spiffy dossiers, ie. character posts on [ profile] talechasing. There's absolutely no rush on these - we'll be blathering in interviews quiiiiiite a whiles yet, no doubt ;D - but just remember to give a yell if you're stuck on something! (Same goes for any of you guys still in the Formative Mumbling stage!)

3. For those who have a magically able character, as most do (or even if you don't), consider opining on the infant subject of magic, and maybe start to mutter to yourself in your character notes about how your character calls on spirits. Just don't do it aloud in public.

4. It's not mandatory, but if you're getting fidgety as you wait, maybe consider creating or picking out an icon for your character(s)-to-come ..? (eLouai, it calls to me)
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It's become clear after a few ramblings page-to-page that we have one matter left to discuss, only slightly less important than picking out our stylish company name: working out ground rules for how the magic that powers our entire universe is going to work in our story!

Deciding these issues won't stop us getting the job interviews up and running at last (tomorrow! :D), but the sooner we hash this out, the better, methinks.

These are the Big Questions, only one of which we have any answer for ...

What is magic?
This at least we can be clear on - woohoo! - for starters: as per our original pitch, magic in this universe is the use of spirits to achieve effects. Or outcomes, if you want to be managerial about it. There are many different kinds of spirit. Ye Spamdex contains some formative notions about mages and spirits and whatnot, if you've not already seen those (please have a glance as soon as you can to make sure you agree with the stated basic concepts, and comment here if you don't ...).

How is magic performed?
We have stated before that there are lots of kinds of magic - or 'methods' to be more correct and/or managerial again. What are your thoughts on this? Personally, I think this particular freedom is something that would benefit from being left relatively unrestricted - that way, no-one's private vision of a mage will have to be excessively compromised (one of the things I love most about reading new works of fantasy is finding out about how magic works - why cheat ourselves of the chance to read a dozen different versions? :D).

HOWEVER, without some kind of benchmark as to power level and ability, we have no way of gauging who can do what, where and when. Which is a problem for our purposes. This leads to the main point at issue ...

What can mages DO?
I am proposing the following broad standards/ability levels below (based on and correlating to character magic skill levels) - more as a platform to kick off our guideline musings than anything else. Not every mage necessarily has to know how to do all of the things listed below, but they would most likely be capable if they did know. The following provisos also apply:

1. MOST IMPORTANT - If you disagree with anything you read, do not accept a given statement as gospel. This is the drafting process, so speak up! If you think something should be harder/easier/possible/not possible, feel free to say so! Contrary to historical objections (from gingerbreads and Acarthians, as I recall), Talechasiana is a democratic society and we treasure our waffle/our vote. Easier to ramble and burble about it now than later, mid-story.

2. It is likely there may be racial/cultural differences relevant to magic use in certain circumstances. Perhaps on one moon, using the spirit of a big ocean is perfectly acceptable, whereas on another, such magic is rare because using the power of a certain spirit is taboo (to all people, to religious groups who historically revered the spirit as a god, to ethical objectors who dislike 'enslaving' self-aware spirits, etc). For a culture where all magic is based on 'voluntary' spirits, offending one may lead to critical junctures where magic is not possible. And so on ... certainly worth thinking about early if it relates to your character.

3. There may be common sense differences too, depending on the method by which a mage uses magic: someone who employs dance magic (ie. David Bowie) is going to be unable to do anything while standing still/in a tight space, whereas someone who uses the power of a spirit confined in a, erm, genie lamp won't necessarily need to move to work magic. These factors also need to be articulated early on if they affect your character, methinks, as they have bearing on the story - but they needn't be fully formulated from the get-go.

Which Spirits Are Called On When Working Magic? - And What Can They DO? )

[LOW] No Spirits -> [BELOW AVERAGE] Shortlived Spirits (Rainshowers, Campfires, Breezes) -> [AVERAGE] Small Spirits (Trees, Standing Stones, the 'nymphlikes') -> [ABOVE AVERAGE] Complex Spirits (People/Animals) -> [HIGH] Uppermost of the 'Little Spirits' (Storm-Spirits, River-Spirits, Forest-Spirits, Desert-Spirits) -> [VERY HIGH] Great Spirits (Sky-Spirits, Volcanoes, Meteorites, Oceans) -> [GODLIKE] Cosmic Spirits (Moons, Planets, Stars) ...

All the above notwithstanding, of course, raw power of a certain category does not always equal finesse or control ... ;D

To sum up base proposed principles, then: the power of a spirit directly affects the power of the magic worked, though a more skilled mage can make more effective use of that power. The spirit of a passing cloud will never be enough for a mage to heal a dying man, for example.

Likewise, the power of the mage is a delimiter on the power of the magic worked, whatever the size of the spirit - a big, friendly river-spirit might offer some of its power to a mage of Average ability, but the mage would never be able to do more than he/she ordinarily could. Note also that unless the spirit and the mage were very careful, a mage trying to harness a spirit with too much power for him/her to handle is invariably going to end up extremely dead.

Time for essay question #1, peeps. It's a biggie.

Magic: Discuss.
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Danica is short (5’2’’) and petite, her bird-boned frame making her look childlike. She does her best to overcome this impression by sheer force of competence, but is usually only partially successful. Persisting ill-health makes her skin paler than it should be and sometimes leaves shadows under her dark eyes that even her skill with makeup can’t conceal. Nevertheless, she is a very attractive young lady who is well practiced at presenting the appropriate image for every occasion. Her dark, wavy hair is usually worn down, due to its length, but she tends to pin it up for formal events (of which she has attended many).
Statistics )

Strengths and Weaknesses )

History )
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Calla Quorin comes from the former moon Daron. Daron used to be a significant mining moon, with a great wealth of natural resources. The Quorins were an influential family that made up most of the ruling body of Daron. Command of the military was to be passed to Calla when the current General retired. As such, she was trained in all the military essentials. Until her time came to command, Calla worked as part of the extensive security detail in the mines. In total, Calla had two older sisters, and one younger sister and two younger brothers.

Continue the Story... )

The Face )

Gimme the Stats... )

Strengths, Weaknesses )

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Small (5’2) and wiry, Mirzam lives on her nerves. She’s pale from all the time she's spent on her ship - Star Harrier - her hair is mousy, short and limp, her eyes huge and watery-grey. She’s not the least bit memorable. Until she’s flying Harry, when her pinched, anxious features firm up and come to life.

Away from Harry she develops a noticeable twitch in both her hands, and the corner of her left eye after the first day of separation, they can ease or worsen without warning the longer she stays away. The panic attacks follow on from there.

Secretive, wary and a complete loner, she’s neither friendly nor nice. The only thing in the universe that matters to her is the Star Harrier. Endanger him and you better be ready to run.

Statistics )

Strengths/Advantages )

Weaknesses/Disadvantages )

History )

Other Notes )

(As always any questions, corrections, suggestions or general blathering welcome.)
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I've notice that other far more clever-er people have been using the challengers to introduce their characters in working story form. Which is great and I am looking forward to sitting down and reading through them. I on the other hand have different plans for our challenge prompts (Mwahahahahaa - ahem). So instead I introduce Karalyn.

I was pretty sure that I have already posted this up on my livejournal but for some reason can not find it. So here it is again....

Karalyn kills her masters )

Then she runs to find sanctuary at The Black Dancer Tavern:

Karalyn is broken in The Pit:

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Reed is tall (6ft) and gangly, with big feet that he’s forever tripping over. His skin is deeply tanned from a life (and heritage) spent largely outdoors. He has short, brown curly hair that has a tendency to become uncontrollable if he lets it grow too long. His eyes are green and he is boyishly handsome, but has been cultivating a deeply thoughtful, scholarly expression to save himself from being called pretty.

Thanks to his lanky frame he often looks skinny and weedy (Reed the Weed was the bane of his adolescent years), but despite the fact that all his clothes seem to be simultaneously too big and too small for him, he does conceal a few useful muscles.

A former mage student turned Astrocartographer, with terraforming in his blood, Reed’s a smart boy - and knows it. His normally pleasant voice can take on a lecturing tone when he’s at his most belligerent. Which unfortunately for everyone else is quite a lot of the time.

Statistics )

Strengths/Advantages )

Weaknesses/Disadvantages )

History )

Other Stuff )

(Any questions, suggestion, corrections or general blathering will be most welcome.)
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Errol is a 7’6 tall (8ft with horns) minotaur ex-gladiator with the head and legs of an aurochs bull, but the upper body of a man.

His bull head is covered in short black fur, with small, deeply set black eyes. Because of the placement of his horns they are forward facing, heavily limiting his peripheral vision. His horns are off-white and curve outwards, upwards and forwards. They have been sharpened into lethal points and he has a wide copper band wrapped around each of them - a little way below the tips - covering up the brand markings from his time in the gladiatorial ring. His ears are bovine, large and mobile, giving him excellent hearing. His big black nose was pierced during his time in the ring, but he rarely wears anything through it now, since it interferes with his sense of smell.

His human torso is heavily muscled and his skin is a deep brown that’s almost black. He has a scattering of body hair across his shoulders, tapering into a line down his spine, until it joins his tail. His thick, strong hands are heavily scarred and he wears two more copper bands around his wrists, again to cover slave-brands and scars from the manacles he used to wear.

His bull legs are blackly furred, heavily muscled on the thighs, with broad hooves instead of feet. The lower portions of both legs are heavily flecked with white, where his fur has grown back over his scars. Any other scars are hidden beneath the knee(/hock) length buckskin apron/skirt he wears. There’s another copper band on his tail, three-quarters of the way down to disguise a nasty break.

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An air of near-tangible gravity seems to hang about this lean, rangy man at all times - an unlaughing severity that tends to frustrate others' cheery smiles and stifle their attempted jokes. His hazel-green eyes might be attractive if they had a spark to them, but they are cold and flat, constantly monitoring and calculating. His hair is long and worn in a dark ponytail at the nape of his neck, and his narrow chin usually covered in coarse stubble that never quite makes it to beard status; one gathers the impression this is because hair is not important enough to cut and trim and bother with. His clothes are bland, hard-wearing, utilarian and completely unremarkable.

His voice is considerably better polished and refined than the rest of him: when he does speak, he speaks clearly, precisely, and with that special kind of stand-offish formality that observes all the proper forms of courtesy without actually feeling the words.

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