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I just had to share this because it's the first time I've ever made a writing goal at the beginning of the year and COMPLETED it by the end of the said year. And it's still only October.

So my goal was to finish all my WIPs that I've had going. This included a NaNovel from 2004 that was 15k done of what ended up being 80k; a NaNovel from 2008 that I gave up on after 5 chapters; one half-finished short I actually started this year but it was only 2k so that had no excuse to be sitting there since March; and a short-ish fairy tale of 10k which was NOT working and hence got restarted on Monday. The WIP story is actually dead in the water with no hope of completion so I just deleted it and started again.

There's Blade Archer, the 2004 NaNovel, now complete. (Also self contained :D but the first 17 chapters are OLD.)
There's Vermilion, the 2008 NaNovel, also complete. (And also self contained! And even finished well within the month!)
There's Her Majesty, the random tiny short (not self-contained. None of my shorts seem to be >>)
And there's Griffin's Gift, the fairy tale just finished today to round out the list. (Another self-contained :D)
OH YEAH and Barley, Hops and Yeast for the Talechasing anthology, which may have come up before this year, I forget.

I promised screenshots! )

I'm doubtless going to look back on this year and wonder how I managed it. I mean, that's more than 120k in a year. I've never managed that. I'd love to stay on that roll, but I'd equally love a bit of a break. Do some of the more visual projects that have been bubbling under the surface this year. Draw things! Redesign bloogum! Flesh out some characters who really need it!

G'bye, WIPs. 'Sbeen real. PEACE OUT.
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I found another Wiki today that I thought might be useful for us writerly types: WikiHow is a how-to Wiki. I was specifically looking up how to make chocolate straight from the cocoa bean to see if it was feasible for my pre-tech culture to have such a thing. Turns out it's unlikely, but they might be developing it maybe! But yes. Thought it might be useful for others, too :D


Apr. 18th, 2007 10:17 am
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Well ladies, we may not have written anything set in the weird and wonderful land of Talechasiana as yet, but we already have our first piece of fanart, as drawn by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] creatore_magico =D Go us XD
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Since it seems as good as set in stone that we'll be having star people on the frankly magnicifent planet/moons of Talechasiana, I felt like drawing one of them =D )


Nov. 30th, 2006 12:48 am
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You all thought I was insane~ and I probably still am, but HAH!

I give you Bouquet in its entirity =D A story of intrigue~ and assassins! And mystery~ and several wft moments, cos they're fun =D But mostly assassins. Every story should have an assassin in it somewhere.


I'm going to go pour myself a glass of Bailey's. I feel I deserve one X3
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I can feel my soul being eaten already. Shoot me now, before it's too late!

*ahem* Yes. Chapter one of my NaNo =D No assumed knowledge at all, so assuming you have the time this month, feel free to read without the added pressure of having to know people and stuff beforehand =D

Let's see if I can finish it this time >O
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I've caved in. I'm going to do NaNo this year, and I'm going to finish it this time >O

Anyone curious will be able to read it at [livejournal.com profile] yrae, my writing journal. I'll be writing it so that you don't require any prior knowledge about the place to understand what's going on, so the completely uninitiated can feel free to read it as well =D
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Finished this one a few days ago and promptly forgot to mention it here. I rule!

Anyway, this is a story I wrote as a going away pressie to my friends list for when I buggered off to Pommyland for four months, but as I say, I only just finished it... two months after I arrived in said Pommyland. Still, it's done, so I'm happy, theflist is happy, everyone's happy, yay!

Will probably make very little sense to anyone who doesn't know about Raykin and the King's Own already, so~ yeah. If you go to my Elfwood space and read a little bit there before this one, you'll have a better shot.

For ayone who already has, this is the story of one of the missions with the King's Own, specifically the most recent one, and Nimay's first as General. Good on 'er =3

Introduction by Yen (Prince) Nolryn
Mission Brief by Kul (General) Nimay
Week 1 by Gylepi
Week 2 by Emon
Week 3 by Ulkar
Week 4 by Inel
Week 5 by Melraan
Week 6 by Yoryl
Week 7 by Murali
Week 8 by Rumal
Week 9 by Anganur
Week 10 by Haenel
Week 11 by Kaen
Week 12 by Kurae
Week 13 by Garuk
Week 14 by Yen Nolryn
Week 15 by Kul Nimay
Week 16 by Gylepi
Week 17 by Emon
Week 18 by Ulkar
Week 19 by Inel
Week 20 by Melraan
Final Report by Kul Nimay


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