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Name:Lazy Links
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Community description:A support group for writers of sci-fi and fantasy.
You had a lot of homework
Your laptop dropped the ball
You got a nasty headache
You couldn't post at all.

But don't you fret, my dearies!
That's what this thing is for!
Don't scramble through your Friends List;
Just step in through the door ...

She doesn't like the poem -
Democracy is whack!
So wait for Lissy's vengeance ...
It's coming. Watch your back.

... yes, you can delete that XD but remember! I mean, mark my words!

Hard luck on poor old Lissy
For whatever she may say,
Democracy's a tough 'un...
And this ditty's here to stay.

Welcome to [community profile] talechasing! We're a small community of writers who use this community to share our work and discussions about writing.

Community Guidelines

These are guidelines only, not rules. Please try to keep to them, but don't feel that you'll be oppressed and punished if you don't. They're just to try to reduce potential conflicts before they happen.

1. Please use a cut for anything longer than a drabble (i.e. anything longer than approximately 100 words)

2. Weekly round-ups will be done at weekends, by [personal profile] calissa, who will find someone else to fill in if she's unable to do so.

3. Please use existing tags wherever possible. If you need a reminder of what tags there are please check the Tags Definitions list linked in the sidebar.

4. If you want to use a new tag, please comment to the same Tags Definitions post so it can be added to the list.

Alternative rules, for the non-democratically minded

1. All writing in this satropy must contain one or more of the following: fire, explosions, car chases, meteors, dogs with novelty hats, Acarthians, Kaliana the Magnificent, Sadarion the Keys Are On the Table Where You Left Them.

2. No writing may contain any of the following: walks by the beach, gentle introspection, the F-people, sticks with stars on them.

3. You will be marked.

Interests (63):

'pi, aekhartain, art, beating up emperors/darkmages, birds, centaurs, chibi- and non-chibi hyarmi, chocolate, commenting, copper, custard, custard guns, dandelion, dea, deaim, demero, denik, djinn, djinni, drae, dragons, drawing, dystopic city tales, elfwood, fantasy, flamethrowers, hileko, hyarmi in general, kelron, killing ilkuan, killing lythen, lemmings, longsight, lorannon, magpie, magpies, merit, mermaids, mermen, more things-with-wings, nao, nawaquĂ­, nimay, nimbus, painting, reading, reao, recorders, rhyl, schiri, selkies, semiir, shaiel, silara, smurfs, staring out the window, tdol, things-with-wings, trees, urban fantasy, wings, writing, writing more
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