Jan. 1st, 2014

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Happy happy new year, all you lovely people!
I have just a couple of unexpected hours to spare and much spam to cram into it, so without further ado ... LET ROUND ONE OF THE 2014 CRITIQUING CIRCLE BEGIN!! :D

The theme for January - March is: Ocean

All contributions submitted by (appropriately?) April Fool's Day will be included in this glorious Round One of Four.

You don't have to wait for April 1 to start leaving critiques for others - in fact it is probably best not to, depending how many participants we get.

Actually submitting something to the critiquing circle (ooh, sounds all arcane-like) is super easy ...

1. Post it in your own journal. )

2. Post a LINK to this story on Talechasing. )

I'll collect each link onto the 2014 Full Year Master List of Doom as you post it, while [livejournal.com profile] silvanime has volunteered to do the quarterly round-ups starting with April-One-Round-One.

* Please check the round-up list, when it comes out, before submitting another story for Round Two. Remember, if you have submitted something in that round, your word of honour and love of your fellow (wo)man ask of you that you critique the other stories in that round-up.

We don't seem to have had many other queries raised in the weekly chatterbox as yet, but if you do have lingering questions, feel free to ask them here. Here are some guesses-at-might-be-frequently-asked-questions in the meantime:

Not Very Frequently Asked Questions ... Actually Some Haven't Been Asked At All ... Please Read If You Have Questions You Haven't Asked Frequently Which Might Be Infrequently Answered Here )

Have at thee, 2014! :D


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